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Capital Container, LLC, is a roll-off container service that hauls and disposes of construction debris. In the late 1990s, company founder Norman Bunce and his father Nick Bunce saw a need in Raleigh’s residential and remodeling industry for more versatile, flexible roll-off cans. That’s when they, along with their business partners developed the idea to start a business that utilized 15 yd roll-off cans instead of the standard 30 yd cans. The unique 15 yd roll-off cans would be more flexible and convenient than the standard 30 yd roll-off cans, meaning they would be able to accommodate large job sites and tight work spaces.

Norman didn’t want just any construction and demolition debris removal company. He wanted a company that would be structured around providing superior, personalized customer service and strengthening relationships with its customers.

In 1998, Norman started Capital Container with one truck and 10 roll-off cans. Today, Capital Container has grown to be one of the leading roll-off container services in the Triangle and surrounding areas. The company is best known for having the fastest response time in town.








Norman Bunce - Founder
As the founder of Capital Container, Norman drives the company direction and ensures the goal of delivering superior customer service. He also plays an integral part in overseeing day-to-day operations, including sales, business development and maintenance of equipment.
Troy Ormond - Operations Manager
Troy manages the day-to-day operations of Capital Container and acts as the main customer contact point through his role as call dispatcher. In addition, Troy is instrumental in growing the business through sales and business development.
Caroline Bunce - Office Manager
As the "glue behind the scenes," Caroline keeps Capital Container running smoothly. She is responsible for all administrative duties including billing, accounts payable, payroll and quotes.

"Capital Container has got the fastest response time around, which means my construction team spends less time waiting around for new empty cans. A shorter wait means less wasted money and expended patience, which is incredibly important in the construction industry."

Greg Paul, President
Greg Paul Builders

We're in it for the long haul
...And we're not just talking about trash.

Capital Container is not your average roll-off service. We focus our business around providing a positive customer experience through customer loyalty, personalized customer service and reasonable rates.

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