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the roll-off container service with the fastest respone time in town.

What large cans can’t, our cans can! Capital Container’s unique 15 yd roll-off containers are more flexible and convenient than the standard 30 yd roll-off cans, meaning they can accommodate both large job sites and tight work spaces.

With Capital Container, there are no weekly pickups of half-empty containers. Instead, you only call us when you need us. In fact, we guarantee the fastest response time in town. Our team of professionals are easy to reach and even quicker to respond. That means no hassle, no lost productivity and most importantly, no waiting on your part.

As a LEED certified company, we know the importance of environmental sustainability. And since 90% of our loads are taken to the local recycling center, you can rest assured that your construction debris is being handled in the best way possible.

At Capital Container, we don’t believe in contracts or long-term commitments. Instead, we rely on our customer loyalty, quick service and reasonable rates to keep you coming back for more. We take care of our customers so you can take care of yours.






"When you’re working on a large site, it’s often a huge hassle to have to carry debris from one end of the site to the other in order to dispose of it. With Capital Container, we can put one can on one side of the job site and another on the other side of the site. What a difference it makes!"

Joel Williams
Williams Realty and Building

We're in it for the long haul
...And we're not just talking about trash.

Capital Container is not your average roll-off service. We focus our business around providing a positive customer experience through customer loyalty, personalized customer service and reasonable rates.

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